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The South west of Houston is a region composed of several different cities. Although considered an integral part of the Houston metro area, Bellaire, Southside Place and West University Place are actually separate independent cities. And as separate cities, they deserve their own carpet cleaners - not just people from Houston who want some more cleaning jobs.

The Cleaning Experience Your Carpets Deserve

Your carpets serve you well every day for the past years or even decades. They have made your house a home, they added comfort and splendor to your rooms and hallways, and they have somewhat aged as you have. If you give yourself a periodical overhaul and spoil, why not do the same for your carpets?

Carpet Cleaning West University Place will take care of your carpets, rugs and furniture cleaning after a single phone call. We'll make your whole home look better, with a simple throw of a cleaning wand. Our hot water extraction will take all the dust and other bits and pieces out of your carpets' pile, bringing back the color and freshness to that beaten carpet.

We can also take care of your sofa, couch, upholstery, area rugs and vintage rugs to make them look better and feel better again. After our cleaning, your upholstery, rugs and carpets will feel softer to the touch, smell better, and look livelier than before. We have several cleaning levels you can choose from, from the basic steam cleaning to shampoo cleaning , and all the way to the deep cleaning full treatment package, which includes all your home needs to stay cleaner for the longest time. We'll do deep cleaning, shampooing, deodorizing, sanitizing, and other processes to make your home squeaky clean.

West U's Best Cleaning Services

We are located in West University Place, right next to Bellaire and Southside Place. We're local, and we can come to provide you cleaning service right away. Whether it's same day cleaning service or the next day, or any other time - we can do it. We have a flexible schedule, so even if you need a special time (during the holidays, for example) call us, and we'll do the best we can to help. We're committed to the community we live in, to serve and provide the best service we can.

We also provide services in locations around Bellaire, Southside Place and Houston's Chinatown. Where do you need service?

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